FocusNet Services

We Build Brands

We are a local Las Vegas advertising agency with a process. Our process starts where it needs to start. If you have no brand, we start there. If you are almost there, we jump in.

Unparalleled Experience

The Las Vegas advertising agency was created by Raymond Santopietro, who still acts as lead strategist. He doesn’t do all the work any more, but he still drives the ship. Ray deals with clients directly, and does not “pass you off” to an admin after the first meeting. Ray has more than 20 years experience in advertising, both traditional and digital.

Unbridled Passion

We love advertising. We are artists and creatives, and we love bringing creative ideas and approaches into the business world. Sometimes we are a little weird, but we are always professional. The process is messy and artistic. The ideas flow freely. At the end of the day, we can give your business a face and voice unlike any other.

Superior Ideas

We get hired because of our ideas. No idea is too small or too big, too weird or boring. We consider everything that can help you have a voice, and get the word out to customers. Every project is going to look different, and our ideas are going to bring it to life.

We Handle All Your Marketing Needs

We are a “one stop shop.” We will utilize any form of marketing that makes sense for your business, and make decisions based on research and experience knowing what works. We aren’t going to sell you a social media program if social media typically doesn’t bring business for your type of business. We aren’t going to waste money on PPC if we can use SEO to do it better.
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Las Vegas Advertising Agency – What We Do

Our business is building brands, and using the methods that work to spread the word about them.

Web Design

We design websites that are appropriate for SEO as well as being easy for potential customers to navigate.


We use traditional and digital advertising forms to spread the word about your business. Nothing is out of bounds.


We can create and structure media campaigns of all types, from television to radio and print.


We use SEO to rank your business higher in search results


We use creative strategies to get the word out on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.


We create visuals that stand out from the competition and define your brand look and feel.

Creating ideas and brands that truly matter

Branding and marketing is a strange skill set. It takes creativity, which can’t be taught in school. A degree doesn’t make you creative, and creativity is what makes you succeed in advertising.

Think More, Succeed More

We are always thinking. We wake up in the middle of the night with ideas on how to make your brand more recognizable. We don’t “clock out” at the end of the work day. We treat your business like it was our own. We are the most effective Las Vegas advertising agency around. We use We use Las Vegas SEO as well as Global SEO to rank your business higher in search results