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Website Design

Our website design services are specifically for businesses who want a fast loading website for SEO purposes. Our specific Wordpress theme structure and plugin suite will provide you with a website that loads fast and is the perfect foundation for SEO, which will get your business noticed on Google. Don't get fooled by designers who say they know SEO. We are an SEO company who designs websites that we use for our own programs.


Our specialty is search engine optimization, and we can either design you a website for you to do your own SEO, or we can provide you with ongoing SEO work. There are two stages to SEO, the "initial" stage where you design and streamline a website that Google likes and "ongoing SEO" where content is created and distributed to the site as part of a strategy to increase rankings.

Social Media

We can set up any type of social media profile for your business, and either hand it off to your team for ongoing work or do it for you. This includes Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Google My Business. Just let us know what platform you would like to use and we can get you started for a low fee.

What Is An “SEO Website?”

A website built for SEO

Our company designs websites specifically for SEO purposes. There are many web designers and web design companies in Las Vegas, but getting a website designed that is not structured for SEO can hold your business back. If you have no interest in Google rankings, then any website should be fine no matter how slow it loads, but if you are interested in gaining new customers using Google as a source then you are going to need a website that is designed with SEO in mind. An "SEO website" is one that is build with a few things in mind, namely streamlined and fast-loading code that also displays correctly on mobile devices (responsive.) Ever since people started using their cell phones as the primary source of information, Google began taking wireless and slow internet connections into consideration. This meant that they were giving extra credit to websites that were designed to load fast on a phone, and display correctly so that you could read the text. It also meant that the types of information that is most commonly being sought by wireless internet users is prioritized at the top of the site. Google began giving a boost in rankings to websites that were designed this way about 3 years ago, and today if your website is not designed this way it will suffer in rankings.

This does not mean that it will be impossible for a website to rank if it is not designed with SEO in mind. SEO is the process of doing as many things that will help you rank higher as possible, and the design and speed of your website is important to that process. You might be a great driver but if you are driving a Ford against a Ferrari you will probably lose every race. This is the same premise for SEO, where the work you do performs better if it is built on a solid foundation. We know that Google is looking for these types of websites, and for SEO purposes they perform better than those not designed for SEO.

So what do we do for you? We design your website in a manner that will streamline the code, and display the photos in a way that Google prefers. We will speed test the website to attempt to get it over a 90 score on the Google Speed Test. We will install the plugins that will help you preform SEO yourself, and we will do the initial SEO setup of titles and descriptions. It is an "out of the box" solution for you to get started using Google to gain new customers, and the websites look clean and professional as well.

We are located in Las Vegas Nevada, but can design websites for any business in the United States.


Affordable Business Websites


Up To 5 Pages

  • Fast Loading
  • Includes SEO Speed Optimization
  • Includes Home Page
  • Includes Contact Page
  • Includes 3 Pages Of Written Content (100 Words Each)



Up To 15 Pages

  • Fast Loading
  • Includes SEO Speed Optimization
  • Includes Home Page
  • Includes Contact Page
  • Includes 13 Pages Of Written Content (100 Words Each)


SEO Web Design Questions & Answers

All websites are not optimized for SEO. As a matter of fact if you are choosing a Wordpress theme to construct your website you should know that there are vast differences in the speed with which the website loads, and the compliance within Google's specifications. Some themes will be very close to fully compliant with exactly what Google is looking for, and others will be far from it. One of the best ways to test if your website is within the scope of the things that Google likes to see is to search for "Google Speed Test" and use their tool to analyze your website. This tool is going to give you a score from 0 to 100 measured for desktop and mobile displays. You want to get at least a 90 on a desktop display and somewhere over 50 on a mobile display, without doing anything else to speed up the site. This is a good benchmark test of how well the theme functions without adding or subtracting anything from it. Once you have established that the theme you are working with has good foundational elements for SEO, you can then build the website and work on improving the display even more, but if you are trying to build SEO programs on a theme that functions poorly on the Google Speed Test, you are always going to be running behind the competition. This does not mean you cannot rank with lesser websites, only that you are not building your program on a site that puts you in line with the competing websites. SEO is all about doing everything in your power to leverage the things we know cause high rankings, and the code and speed of the website is a major factor. This is why we suggest always starting your SEO program with a well-constructed and fast loading website.

If you need more information about our SEO website design, contact us directly at the phone number listed on this website.

No, not if you are interested in ranking on Google. While there are many ways to get your website to display in a way that looks good, Google is looking for a specific type of thing in order to be considered "better" than other websites. This is what SEO is all about, convincing Google that your website is better than other websites. When Google ranks websites for different searches, it is considering a large amount of different elements in order to choose which one is the best, the second best, the third best etc. A lot of what is going to make that decision is the content that is on your website and how that content provides value to your customers. An additional element will be the form in which that content is displayed, and if that display is easy for customers to view and navigate. This is where SEO website design comes into play. If you have the best content within your competitive area and it is being displayed in a way that is sub-standard, then it will potentially be pushed down in rankings. The content is only valuable if people can access it, and Google considers this display as important for deciding which websites it ranks at the top. Google will be looking for how quickly that website loads on a desktop and a mobile device, as well as if the pictures and text display correctly for users on those devices. This means that your website must be responsive, and must also be structured in a way that does not have too much Javascript or extraneous elements that may confuse or slow down the display. This is accomplished through the use of specific factors that are put together in order to display as correctly as possible for Google, while also being a friendly design for customers. Our website designs use a specific program of themes and plugins for Wordpress that bring these elements together correctly in order to give you the foundation for good rankings in 2020 as well as 2021. Other themes may be usable, but if you are interested in a proven design that will not hinder your rankings, contact us.

Our office is located in Las Vegas Nevada, although we can work with any business in any state. We find that it helps to be local when working on projects with customers because you can meet in person if necessary, and also are not dealing with time differences that can slow down the communication and web design process. We prefer to work with Las Vegas based companies on our projects just because we are located in Las Vegas ourselves, but this does not mean we cannot do a great job for you no matter where your business is located!

We understand that for many businesses, web design is a bit of a mystery. You are going to need to choose a hosting company and buy a URL, as well as figuring out if the hosting company supports the CMS you may choose to use for your website. Because of the confusion, an entire industry has been created around making it all easy for you, where companies like Wix charge a flat fee to launch your website completely for you, taking care of all of the elements of the process. The problem with these types of platforms is that you are constrained by the limitations of the platform itself. Most of the time, websites that are built independently with SEO in mind will outperform these types of "out of the box" websites, and a lot of times you wont even own your own website. We accomplish this same goal by doing all the work for you, and can take care of the entire process for you while also putting everything in your name. This means that you can get a custom designed website, URL, hosting and all of the configuration just by telling us to do it for you. We can even give you a run-through on how to do basic additions to the website so you can try to add to your own SEO!

FocusNet Websites is a division of Focus Internet Services, the oldest continually operating SEO company in Las Vegas. We have been providing SEO for businesses all over the world for more than 12 years, and have successfully helped countless businesses gain new customers using Google and the internet effectively. Because of this experience, we understand exactly what a professional SEO company is looking for with regards to the website they will be working on. How many times have you contacted an SEO company to get work done, only to hear that you need your website redesigned? This is probably because the SEO company is trying to make the services they provide to you have the best outcome, and the most bang for your buck. If you do SEO on a website that is holding you back because of it's structure, then even the best efforts will only have minimal results. If you have tried to do your own SEO by blogging about your business and only had minimal results, there is a good chance it is because the structure of the website was holding you back. This understanding is what guides our process. Even if you aren't using our SEO services, you can now purchase the exact website design that we would do for you if necessary.

Naturally, we would love to do your SEO for you but we totally understand that times are tough for a lot of businesses. Many owners are looking at the ongoing content creation end of SEO as something they could do themselves because they have the time to do it. This is not going to be a bad thing for you unless you are wasting your time not getting any results. It has taken us 10 years to come up with the combination of website themes and plugins that we use for all our clients, and you can purchase that same setup for yourself.

Providing website design that is SEO friendly is what makes us different. We are not a simple web design company that just makes a good looking website and then leaves you hanging with regards to the SEO end of things, we are an SEO company who does our own website design and can design you a site that fits into our standards. If you want to make sure you are off on a good footing as far as your website design goes, don't hire a website design company, hire an SEO company who designs websites.

We are both, a website design company and an SEO company. First and foremost we are an SEO company who helps businesses gain new customers using Google and the internet. Because website design is such a critical part of the SEO process, we began designing websites for our customers years ago as part of SEO programs. This gave us the ability to assure our customers that the SEO work we were doing was not being compromised by a faulty or out of date website. It is a lot like hiring a race car driver to drive your car in a race, and then giving them a broken-down old For to drive against Ferraris. We needed to make sure that the work we were doing for our clients was not being held back by the website designs, so we developed our own mix of Wordpress themes and plugins that we choose to use for our clients. These combinations give us everything we need to work with in order to do effective SEO, so making those setups available to customers who are not our SEO clients was the next logical step. We design Wordpress websites for people who want to do their own SEO, or who want to have a good foundation to do SEO in the future. It is the only way to assure that you are not wasting your money, and even if you are not doing SEO you will still get a great looking and functioning website that impresses customers for the same price your would pay for customer web design.  You have the ability to get a great design that works for SEO for the same price it would cost to get a great design that doesn't, so why not get more for your money?


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